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Monday, August 22, 2011

Jury Duty or How God tried to call me

I was summoned for Jury duty this morning. I got up early and was out the door in plenty of time to be there. On my way, less than one block from the Cobb County Court House, I made a right hand turn with a green light. Everything was going my way when a young woman stepped out in front of my car!!  Reader, I was so close to hitting her. If I had not been awake, if I had been speeding, or on my phone, or doing my makeup, I am sure I would have hit her.
To my amazement, she screamed at me! She called me bad names and she took her fist and hit the top of my hood! Did I mention I drive a Mini Cooper? With a miniature Hula dancer on the dash?
I was amazed. She was angry at me? I had done nothing wrong. Nothing.
Nonetheless, I crept the side street and parked my car in the garage. I was shaken.

Court was interesting. Over 200 of us in a nice room, waiting our turn to be called. To do our duty. I met new friends, exchanged magazines, and at about 12:30 half of us were told to come back tomorrow. I never saw the angry young woman, at least not this day.

Back in the garage I found a pamphlet on my car. "God is trying to call you, Are you listening?"
What? I started thinking....Well, I did have my phone turned off. I was in court. I was following the rules.

What a strange day. I had Jury duty. A woman walked in front of my car, she called me bad names and hit my car with her fist. And,
God tried to call me.

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  1. I've been wondering where on earth you went! In fact, just sent a note to your other blog. Then noticed there was another listed and found you here, safe and sound! Thank goodness!

    So glad to have found you, I read through all your entries! Nice to catch up! I enjoyed each one, but this is my favorite! :-) Take care and best wishes!


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